Restaurant “La porta”, Scanno (AQ)

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We have experienced with great satisfaction this delightful and typical restaurant, located in the heart of the city of Scanno.

Friendliness of the staff and, above all, of the owners who have delighted us with impeccable and sublime typical dishes of the Abruzzese cuisine are definitely worthy of note.

First of all the so-called "cazzellitti with the leaves", a typical dish of Scanno (small dumplings of water and flour seasoned with vegetables). Highly recommended and simply delicious!

Turning to the meat, absolutely to taste: the excellent grilled lamb!

Do not underestimate the typical appetizers (served on cutting boards and excellent cheeses), the wide selection of side dishes and, at the end of the meal, the superb homemade desserts!

We can confirm, in the preparation of the dishes, the restaurant will use genuine, local products of high quality.

Good house wine.

Ambience not great but absolutely welcoming!

Restaurant “La Porta” is located in Scanno (AQ) at 31, Via Ciorla.

Rating: 10


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