Pizzeria “Angelone”, Scanno (AQ)

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Definitely a pizzeria of older times, extraordinarily tight to the charm of the past but with an indisputable attraction.

A marvelously harmonized ambiance in the historic part of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

In addition to the undiscussed charm of the "retro" style of the restaurant, what will surprise (and leave without many words) is the quality of the pizzas that the owner produces one at a time from an old wood-burning oven.

Excellent service and company at the table of the owner (who at the end of the evening had a beer with us!).

The pizzas are expertly prepared with high quality ingredients: from flour to oil, from tomato to mozzarella.

Prices definitely affordable and below average compared to many other pizzerias (which will hardly reach the level of excellence of Angelone).

Absolutely recommended!

Pizzeria “Angelone” is located in Scanno (AQ) at 24, Strada Vincenzo Tanturri.

Rating: 10


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