• Matera:

    city of stones, cultural capital of Europe 2019
  • Amalfi coast:

    lights, colors and taste of mediterranean sea
  • Charming Tuscany:

    where history, arts and culture meets in San Gimignano and Volterra
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San Marino and San Leo

This itinerary is dedicated to a peculiar area of our peninsula. In fact, we have reserved a long way to the Republic of San Marino. As we know it is geographically outside from our national borders, but being surrounded entirely by the italian territory. That’s why considering the wonders the place offers we could not help but visit it. Another destination of this itinerary, no less important and suggestive, was San Leo: a delightful hamlet "lying down" on a Valmarecchia rock spur in the province of Rimini in Emilia Romagna.

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Amalfi coast

Our second itinerary will have the "unique protagonist" of the Amalfi Coast: a stretch of coast marked by an exceptional naturalistic splendor, incredibly suspended between sky, sea and hills. Lovely landscapes and suggestive views accompanied us, uninterruptedly, throughout the itinerary. From Vietri sul Mare to Positano, passing through Maiori, Cetara and Amalfi.

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Itinerary among Marmore falls, Ferentillo and Spoleto

Our first itinerary starts from the heart of Italy: Umbria.

Fascinating region characterized by the uninterrupted succession of green hills that gradually merge with the Valnerina mountain and furthermore up to the Sibillini massif.

All the territory is scattered by cities and settlements rich in history and traditions.

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