Ristorante Da Pode, San Gimignano (SI)

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Just a few meters from the entrance of Hotel Sovestro, that hosted us during the itinerary: Tuscany: our visit in Bagni San Filippo, Bagno Vignoni, San Gimignano and Volterra, placed in the "heart" of Tuscany , is located the characteristic Restaurant "Da Pode".

The restaurant is housed in an ancient farmhouse.

Accurately restored with its wooden beams, stone walls and antique floors will seem to make a leap back in time!
The property features a beautiful veranda where you can savor the dishes prepared with the utmost care by Lady Lucia!
Very good pizzas, characterized by the use of fresh ingredients (local produce) and which made us appreciate the renowned Tuscan cuisine.

Wide choice of wines. Great cakes.

"Da Pode" Restaurant is located at 63, Località Sovestro, San Gimignano.

Rating: 9.5


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