Amalfi coast

Our second itinerary will have the "unique protagonist" of the Amalfi Coast: a stretch of coast marked by an exceptional naturalistic splendor, incredibly suspended between sky, sea and hills. Lovely landscapes and suggestive views accompanied us, uninterruptedly, throughout the itinerary. From Vietri sul Mare to Positano, passing through Maiori, Cetara and Amalfi.

Vietri Sul Mare

The first stage could only be Vietri sul Mare, the "entrance door" of the Amalfi Coast.
A characteristic town that stretches hillyly close to the coast to look out over a gorgeous crystal clear sea.
In the characteristic piazzetta (just arrived in the Marina area) you can park your car on a "terrace" from which you can enjoy a great panorama and from which, from now on, a pleasant frenzy comes alive: the curiosity to travel between the narrow Lanes that showcase a myriad of overwhelming boutiques of colorful ceramics.


Wandering around the alleys of the ancient village you can not help but appreciate the Duomo (Church of St. John the Baptist), characterized outdoors by a wonderful dome made of colorful majolica and a charming bell tower.

The interiors are delineated by a balanced mix of styles (Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque) that culminate in a 17th-century chestnut-finish chest of drawers.

Our walks to Vietri sul Mare continue to be pleasantly surrounded by art ceramics decorating lanes, streets, shops, homes of all kinds, strictly handmade and the result of a centuries-old tradition. You can not buy a souvenir!

Vietri was definitely a great start to our visit to the coast, it will certainly not be a case if, in 1997, UNESCO declared Vietri sul Mare (together with other coastal establishments) a heritage of humanity!


Cetara and Maiori


Walking along the enchanting road that characterizes the whole coastline, about 6 Km from Vietri, we reach Cetara at the foot of Mount Falerno.

Cetara is one of the most characteristic places on the Amalfi Coast.

A village that seems to be "dispensed" by mass tourism, linked to traditional activities such as fishing, has retained its seaside charm intact.

The bond with the sea breathes in every corner of it.

If you happen to stop for lunch in this lovely place, it is absolutely recommended that it is its typical dish: spaghetti with slicing of anchovies, a seasoning obtained by the fermentation of anchovies marinated in special containers.

Wonderful beaches beneath the mighty guard tower.

Going north, we reach Maiori, a beautiful hamlet that costieraon the other, remembers an open fan on the sea. It is right here that is the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast. You are fascinated by about a kilometer of sandy beach, characterized by a dark sand of volcanic origin, on which many seaside establishments and a flat promenade rise.

To make an appendix to the beach, looking up into the coastline, you can not miss the characteristic terraces cultivated with citrus fruit. The village is dominated by the St Nicolas de Thoro-Plano fortress which deserves a visit!


To reach the various stages, it has been really stimulating to follow what is commonly called "one of the most beautiful roads in Italy" (we confirm!): The State Route 163.

This road, which connects all the countries of the Amalfi Coast, was built in the Bourbon period in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Accompanied by the natural trend of the coastal strip, the walk continually delivers new and spectacular shots.

A path full of curves, narrow between the rocky wall and the overhanging sea. An authentic show!





Finally, we come to Amalfi and let us, for a few minutes, be amazed by the picturesque dislocation of the city: literally "perched" on the rocky swings of the Lattari Mountains.

We are immediately abducted by the splendor of alleys and squares that offer scenic scenery everywhere you look, until you reach the foot of the majestic Duomo di Sant'Andrea that welcomes us with a scenic staircase, an Arabic-Norman style bell tower and a charming Cloister of Paradise.

We recommend that you visit the Map Museum which is located within an ancient 14th century medieval mill.

You will be able to admire the old machines and equipment used to make the prestigious handmade paper.


We were fortunate enough to attend a guided tour with a practical demonstration of paper-making with the operation of the ancient water mills (activated by the Canneto torrent waters). Absolutely advisable!

Amalfi at night is something amazing: a place where colors and smells will wrap you in a feeling of pleasant relaxation.

Walking through the alleyways of the beautiful town, admiring fragments of coast illuminated by the glare of a shining moon and reviving the corners of history of the ancient Marinara Republic are not easily described.

It can not be late in the evening among the many nightclubs. But then we will have to rest: we stayed at Hotel Amalfi in the center. Recommended hotel!





The last stop of our itinerary on the Amalfi coast, but not least important and suggestive, coincides with the splendid Positano and its colorful Mediterranean homes.

From anywhere in the country you can not admire the spectacular multicolored majolica dome of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, which houses the Icon of the Black Madonna of Byzantine inspiration dating to the eighteenth century. A dome that has almost become the symbol of the town.

From the "Spiaggia Grande" the characteristic whitewashed houses climb on a steep slope crossed by long staircases, porticoes and underpasses that rise from the sea to higher altitudes.

If you turn your gaze down, then you find yourself immersed in a landscape characterized by narrow lanes ... a landscape that looks suspended between sky and sea.

Do not miss the "Love Trail" from the "Grande Spiaggia" to Fornillo Beach!



During your stay in Positano, great space deserves to be devoted to "exploring" the streets of the center.positano

Here the shops full of colorful ceramics, dresses full of colors that have marked an era and characteristic hand-made sandals open the door to us travelers in absolutely natural way to make us feel at home.


Great shopping can be done along the stairs!


Our preferred restaurants and hotels in Amalfi:

Hotel Amalfi, Amalfi (Salerno)

Restaurant-Pizzeria “Da Maria”, Amalfi (Salerno)